By default, the CouponDemo ÐApp connect to Metamask (Ropsten test network) if available (you need to switch yourself to Ropsten).
If not, it will fallback to a locally running (your computer) Ethereum node via the RPC port [http://localhost:8545] (you might use for example testrpc or geth running on an Ethereum TEST network).

DISCLAIMER: CouponDemo is just - as the name suggests - a demonstration of the coupon workflow and a few concepts developped in the Rouge Project white paper. It should only be connected to a TEST Ethereum blockchain. The ÐApp is far from ready for production on the real blockchain (you may lose ether!). THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

1. Create and issue new coupons

A campaign is one smart contract and it manages a set of coupons with the same characteristics. This first version of the DemoCoupon ÐApp only intend to ilustrate the worflow of the Rouge coupons with smart contracts, from their creation to their possible redemption.

The create button will send two transactions to your connected network : first the creation of the contract representing the campaign, then the issuance of the coupons.

Campaign creator/Coupon Issuer

Coupon campaign parameters