By default, the CouponDemo ÐApp connect to Metamask (Ropsten test network) if available (you need to switch yourself to Ropsten).
If not, it will fallback to a locally running (your computer) Ethereum node via the RPC port [http://localhost:8545] (you might use for example testrpc or geth running on an Ethereum TEST network).

DISCLAIMER: CouponDemo is just - as the name suggests - a demonstration of the coupon workflow and a few concepts developped in the Rouge Project white paper. It should only be connected to a TEST Ethereum blockchain. The ÐApp is far from ready for production on the real blockchain (you may lose ether!). THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

2. Acquire coupons

There are 0 free coupon(s) left.

After being issued, a coupon is free to be taken by a user; this process is named "Acquisition". Each coupon can only be owned by one Ethereum address (but coupon can be exchanged or sold between user).

Adress selected for acquisition